A diptych of videos that are an attempt to manage and control time by using Google Streetview.

Pt. 1, 9′ Constructs a childish memory of the bicycle trips to school. This is done by taking the same route again with Google Street view in the landscape of the past. The ride to school is an almost psychoanalytical journey in which the thoughts of the creator switch between past present and future. And this entirely without the use of tele-time machinery of wacky professors. The video explores how memories and present are dominated by history, digital life and the society we live in.

Pt. 2, 13′ In this video, the creator tries to free herself from the time pressure she experiences by going on an imaginary plane trip through different time zones.

*Available on demand

Documentary 26′

How can you find and deserve your place in the world’s history, without killing people or even worse, going into politics? Maybe by putting an artwork on top of the Giza Pyramid? Over the top is a fast food style documentary about the hunt of a young person to find meaning and fulfillment in modern life.

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/519030479
Poster: https://vimeo.com/523240532
Instagram filter: https://vimeo.com/442272943/1b23cf5048

*Received financial support from the city of Roeselare together with the title of cultural ambassador for Roeselare 2018-2020
*Received financial support for post production from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF).

*Festival selections: FIFA Montreal presented in the collection ‘something new’, filmfestival Oostende

*Updates: https://www.instagram.com/overthetop_movie/

Sensitive is a blanket with a print of one of my bruises. It materializes my fragility and the things I’d rather keep hidden under a cover. It’s my intention that the abstract term ‘vulnerability’ becomes tangible.

You can touch the blanket and feel it.
Do you want to feel it? Or does it evoke resistance? 
Do you dare to feel fragility or do you want to appear strong? 
Is it uncomfortable to touch my fragility? 

In this way I want to think about the awkwardness around vulnerability that exists in this society.

*Exhibition: decoratelier curated by ARGOS. Upcoming: K.L.8 (Brussels) , De ambassadeurs (Roeselare)

Documentary 52′

Temporary pitch:

Rainbow is a dance through the everyday landscape in which technology seems to play hide and seek. By playing with the design of the landscape Rainbow confronts us with how the familiar reality around us is more constructed and controlled than it first appears.

*Received financial support for scenario and for development from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF).

For this I used authentic cave paintings. Some assume that the reason for depicting the animals was fear of them. To allay this fear, a drawer of the tribe was asked to draw the animal on a rock with charcoal or dyes. In these times the exorcism of the terrifying and surrounding animals found form on these walls. During the corona lockdown I reminded myself that just like back then we have to sit at home in our corona cave with the fear of the corona animal outside our safe place. That’s why I started working with those old cave paintings to make a modern translation of them. It represents my fear in the covid era. The fear for the Corona bacteria outside my quarantine cave.

*Published in Subbacultcha magazine

Dear Family’ is a video made on the occasion of the theatre performance Family. It’s a short video that addresses the shamed attitude towards family problems by using the family portrait as the central theme. How a family wants to look like and what should such a family portrait reflect, or just hide to the outside world?

*This film is a collaboration between VRT, Klara, NTGent and Sabam. Dear Family’ is the second episode in a mini-series around three city theatres. Through a short film, a young starting film duo opens up the central theme of a theatre performance to a wider audience

Every night I clean my face with a make-up remover wipe. The wipe is then smeared with colors by my daily layer of makeup. It uncovers the mask I use to get out of the house. Not a single day goes by and the wipe stays white. A year – 366 days because this year is a leap year – I saved up the wipes. The wipes confronted me with the absurdity of the ideal of beauty. All what rests of the imitated beauty are dark spots that sometimes even look like shit.

*Work in progress

*The make up wipes get their expression in the shape of curtains. You can hang the slats in front of each other in multiple layers or next to each other. This way the construction wants to play with the different layers just like you apply make-up in different layers.


During the Corona crisis, I am again intensely confronted with the greatness of the overwhelming nature and how powerful it is to kill so many people.


All coastal municipalities have called for no more going to sea.

No dike walks, no fresh sea air, no crazy seagulls. No splashing waves. No low tide and flood that carry your thoughts, no escapism. 


The romantic painter looked at the natural landscape and painted it.
During quarantine I can’t go outside. 
The only way to see the landscape is by using google streetview. 

*selected by untitled_mu.zee for their online exhibition space during the quarantine period due to the corona virus.


Setup projected onto a blank canvas.

Workshop – An imprint of the city made with sandpaper. A portrait of Brussels made on the basis of rubbing the city. Rubbing on lost feathers, poo, floor tiles, gates, nuts, an exploded balloon and other waste, …66334004_2406158859445697_242694995440566272_n.png


I love Icarus Visual translation of a poem by Tjitske Jansen. The visualisation of the desire for freedom shown as a drone image that depicts the point of view of Icarus flying to the sun while knowing that his wings will melt. With a naked woman as the embodiment of Icarus who literally grabs the drone shot with her hands, a symbol of grasping her freedom.

* Financial support and training from the international video poetry project of the Flemish-Dutch cultural institution Ons Erfdeel vzw and Poëziecentrum Gent.
*Festival selections: WoordZee (Oostende)
*Small interview: https://www.focus-wtv.be/nieuws/bewogen-verzen-op-woordzee-oostende?fbclid=IwAR1ll7ggc7IrCH9P_hrmLR-xbJGC_-eKtH6nUSjwWR8NgiqyxhXC1oBUDZE

Schermafbeelding 2019-05-23 om 11.48.04.png

Documentary 25′

An impressionist portrait of a threatening North Sea, depicted as a collection of -perpetually growing- human decay.

The coastline forms the border between water and land. This line is constantly moving. The sea takes along everything that comes on its path, slowly changing into a graveyard of sunken souls and a collection of human objects. Future generations will not be spared: several experts predict the rise of the sea level. More and more human territory is threatened to become part of the sea’s increasing collection. This impressionistic documentary investigates signs of past human decay in order to understand the potential threat of a rising sea.


We made also a version where we projected the original movie on a water surface and refilmed it;

Schermafbeelding 2019-05-30 om 17.38.09Schermafbeelding 2019-05-30 om 17.38.18Schermafbeelding 2019-05-30 om 17.38.34

An edition in which the film was projected live on water;

*Festival selections: IDFA, International shortfilm festival Leuven, Filmfestival Oostende, Visite Film Festival Antwerpen, Festival International du film eau et climat Louvain-La-Neuve, FINCA – International Environmental Film Festival Buenos Aires, Festival International du Documentaire Émergent Paris, Brussels Short Film Festival, Tbilisi International Student Film Festival Georgia, Breedbeeld kortfilmfestival Antwerpen, Astra film festival Romania,

Awards: Grand Prix Tbilisi International Student Film Festival, Ensor best cinematography in a shortfilm

Cinema screenings, Docpoppies: Sphinx Cinema Gent, Cinema Lumière Brugge, Cinema Cartoon’s Antwerpen, The Roxy Theatre Koersel, Cultuurcentrum Zwaneberg Heist-op-den-Berg, Filmhuis Klappei Antwerpen

Exhibition: Time can tell (Roeselare, Curators: Rolf Quaghebeur & Christa Vyvey), School Is Out For Summer (Brussels, Centre for Art and Media), ForadCamp (Barcelona, Association of Independent Documentary Filmmakers INDOC), Mu.ZEE (Oostende)

A documentary 16′ that visualizes the imagination of a man going through psychosis. The disorder in his room symbolizes what is going on in his head. Sounds tell the story that is hidden behind the objects. These objects gradually take control of Stefaan just like his head takes control of him.

Schermafbeelding 2019-05-19 om 19.09.22Schermafbeelding 2019-05-27 om 10.43.04Schermafbeelding 2019-05-27 om 10.41.14