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Mix of all the hairstyles I once had.

Workshop – An imprint of the city made with sandpaper. A portrait of Brussels made on the basis of rubbing the city. Rubbing on lost feathers, poo, floor tiles, gates, nuts, a exploded balloon and other waste, …66334004_2406158859445697_242694995440566272_n.png


I love Icarus Visual translation of a poem by Tjitske Jansen. The visualisation of the desire for freedom shown as a drone image that depicts the point of view of Icarus flying to the sun while knowing that his wings will melt. With a naked woman as the embodiment of Icarus who literally grabs the drone shot with her hands, a symbol of grasping her freedom.

* Financial support and training from the international video poetry project of the Flemish-Dutch cultural institution Ons Erfdeel vzw and Poëziecentrum Gent.
*Festival selections: WoordZee (Oostende)
*Small interview:

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Video intervention / Can dust reclaim the past? A performance with dust as a symbol for the fear of a world that is going too fast.

*Exhibition: Mu.ZEE (Oostende)



Documentary 20′

How can you find and deserve your place in the world’s history, without killing people or even worse, going into politics? Maybe by putting an artwork on top of the Gizeh Pyramid? Over the top is a fast food style documentary about the urge of the yolo generation to find meaning and fulfillment in modern life.

Abstract sequences of a reconstructed pyramid in cardboard boxes depict Floris his desires, expectations and dreams for “the top”. Literally “the top” in placing a disk on top of the pyramid, and also figuratively because he hopes that this work of art will lead him to the top as an artist. Creative sequences represent his desire for the top and play a game between the tangible and non-tangible part of his desire.

*Received financial support from the city of Roeselare together with the title of cultural ambassador for Roeselare 2018-2020
*Received financial support for post production from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF).
*Production: Off World 


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Documentary 52′

Temporary pitch: The materially tangible technology is disappearing more and more into the background; technology is increasingly becoming invisibly woven into our everyday life and natural environment. In which way are technology and nature connected? And when does technology stop being technology and is it seen as nature?

*Received financial support for scenario development from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF).


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